Amenities of Modern Society

Northview Park is a commercial property that is set to bring retail spaces with a touch of elegance and style. It is always rewarding to invest in commercial property. It is an establishment where retailers are able to make their brand acquaint with customers.  There are different criteria on the basis of which the customers would opt to come and visit a commercial property. One such criterion is the amenities. Amenities are one of the important things that are taken care of.  Northview Park with best commercial property in Zirakpur is established with a view to offering you so much more in terms of safety, style, and elegance.

Luxuries and Amenities that Northview Park has to offer you are:

Advanced Fire Protection System:

Fire safety is one of the crucial factors when it comes to managing a property or building. NorthView Park has an advanced fire protection system and our utmost priority is to protect the employees and people who work here. We make sure to keep the expensive technology, equipment and paper records safe through our advance fire protection system.

Natural Lights:

People always prefer a workplace that produces fewer carbon footprints and are self-sustainable our buildings use less electricity, are easier to ventilate and bring maximum sunlight.

Italian Style Decor:

Our designer enhances the space with strategic placement of furniture and lightning. Our designers always come up with intelligent and quirky ideas to make the spaces an interesting place to be.

Spacious Parking Facilities:

Northview Park has an ample space of parking at the ground as well as at basement level which is highly cherished by our employees as well as businessmen. We ensure there is enough parking available to our clients and employees.


Large, lush and aesthetic landscape makes a commercial space desirable that perfectly resonates with the need of the customers.

Other amenities like lift and stair facility, rooftop restaurants, rainwater harvesting to name a few are also available at Northview Park providing best commercial property in Chandigarh. Our aim is to develop a place where people love spending time and have a lot of options to explore under one roof.

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