Six Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch For

Property consisting of land and building is referred to as Real Estate. There are four types of real estate; residential, commercial, industrial, and land. From a past few years the commercial real estate industry, consisting office space, gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants, etc., has seen a boom. While some of the organizations own their commercial space, most of them lease it on rent and collect a fixed amount of money, either monthly or annually.

At Northview Park, we offer office space for sale in Zirakpur and have come up with 6 commercial real estate trends that you need to watch while investing in the commercial property:

Coworking Space:

Just like WeWork and Regus, many start-up companies have begun to follow this trend. It is a voluntarily sharing workspace, that brings together employees from different organizations. With the advent of freelancing, work from home, and people working independently, it became important to establish a community, that helps such people escape isolation. It charges more in the form of memberships with a few being free of cost. Thus proving beneficial for the investor.

The Emergence of Commercial Property in Tier II and III Cities:

Developing cities like Chandigarh, Agra, Jaipur, and Lucknow have seen a spur in commercial real estate properties with huge demand due to increase in startup companies. Also buying property in these cities is more affordable than cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and, Bangalore making it a great deal for investing.

More Attractive Investment Proposition:

Buying property for commercial purpose seems like an attractive proposition since you can rent it out to various companies. The income regenerated is likely to prove fruitful.

Comfortable Workspace:

There has been a change in how offices are run now. With comfortable workspace, having an interesting and happy atmosphere that gives the employees a great kick-start to their day and provides a refreshing mindset in order to work proactively, do not have a traditional setup of chairs and tables.

Foreign Investment:

Indians living outside can easily invest in property here due to their financial capability. This provides the Indian Developers a chance to gauge new investment trends in the market. It also provides a space for the investor with tremendous opportunities that can generate superior returns.

Improved Transparency in the Investment Market:

Due to improved Government initiatives, a secure environment for investors is being provided. As a result, interest from offshore equity investors, large Indian corporates in the market have seen a subsequent increase in 2018.

As one of the best commercial office space in Zirakpur, we provide you an insight into the favorable opportunities for you to invest.

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