The real estate industry is growing by leaps and bounds. One such force that is increasing its growth is the internet. New media, as we call it, is now helping a brand make its way in the market. Even if your brand is new, it can attain recognition within a few months. Providing the best commercial property in Zirakpur, at Northview Park, we have come up with a few important aspects of the internet which you can incorporate in order to attain a significant position in the market.

Social Media

Social Media helps a brand get recognition from a mass audience. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help the potential customers stay in the loop and keep them updated. Statistics show that there are more than 3 billion people who are on social media as of 2018 and the number keeps on increasing each year. Therefore, you can imagine your brand’s growth once you are on social media.


Having a convincing website helps your potential customer engage more with you. It helps them gain knowledge about your brand and helps you stay more out there. The potential customer will be able to put their trust in you if they are able to see proof that you exist somewhere on the web. You can incorporate the activities and keep updating your website.


Blogging is an essential platform to keep the potential customer engaged with your brand. You can update your blog every once in a while and inform them about the various facilities, projects, and latest trends in the real estate industry.


The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps you mold your content in a way that it gathers traffic organically, using keywords. It directly affects the reach of a website.  You can also gather more traffic in a shorter span of time by paying the search engine. This helps you track your progress and guarantees maximum reach in just a few months.

Offering world-class luxurious shops & offices in Zirakpur, we at Northview Park, make sure our customers stay updated on the latest trends in the real estate industry.


While building our office there are a lot of things that we forget to consider. It is a place where we spend most of our time in a day. Maintaining a good and positive workspace is not only the responsibility of the employees or the employer but also depends on how presentable your office looks.

Northview Park, offering luxurious retail spaces in Zirakpur, has come up with a list of ideas to consider while building your workspace:


First of all, you will need to carry out the work considering the overall budget. Put everything down, like the cost of various things, in writing to avoid confusion.

Putting Everything To Work At Once

Do not keep small things for later, instead put everything to work at one specific time. This won’t disturb the functioning of your office.

Considering Small Spaces

Spaces required for employees to relax should be on the top of your priority list. It helps the employees to work in a more positive way since they know that their mental health is kept in consideration.

Allowing Natural Light in the Workspace

While building your office you must pay attention to the windows. It is better to have natural lights since it promotes a pleasant atmosphere for the employees to work.

Keeping the Brand in Mind

Your workspace speaks volumes about your work culture. You need to decide what you want to represent your company in front of the visitors. Therefore, opt for designs that reflect your brand.

Keep It Tidy

Cleanliness improves the productivity of the workspace and enhances the way it looks. It helps you to keep everything arranged and therefore people feel happy when they visit.

Go Green

Incorporate real plants in the workspace. It not only redefines the aesthetics of the working space but also enhances your creativity when you feel connected to nature.

Optimal Use of Every Space

If you have vacant space, consider decorating it and make it look pleasing. You can also rent it out if it isn’t required.

Presenting the best in class and well defined commercial property in Zirakpur, we at Northview Park, consider that it is important to design your workspace in a positive way which in turn helps to increase the productivity of your employees.


Property consisting of land and building is referred to as Real Estate. There are four types of real estate; residential, commercial, industrial, and land. From a past few years the commercial real estate industry, consisting office space, gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants, etc., has seen a boom. While some of the organizations own their commercial space, most of them lease it on rent and collect a fixed amount of money, either monthly or annually.

At Northview Park, we offer office space for sale in Zirakpur and have come up with 6 commercial real estate trends that you need to watch while investing in the commercial property:

Coworking Space:

Just like WeWork and Regus, many start-up companies have begun to follow this trend. It is a voluntarily sharing workspace, that brings together employees from different organizations. With the advent of freelancing, work from home, and people working independently, it became important to establish a community, that helps such people escape isolation. It charges more in the form of memberships with a few being free of cost. Thus proving beneficial for the investor.

The Emergence of Commercial Property in Tier II and III Cities:

Developing cities like Chandigarh, Agra, Jaipur, and Lucknow have seen a spur in commercial real estate properties with huge demand due to increase in startup companies. Also buying property in these cities is more affordable than cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and, Bangalore making it a great deal for investing.

More Attractive Investment Proposition:

Buying property for commercial purpose seems like an attractive proposition since you can rent it out to various companies. The income regenerated is likely to prove fruitful.

Comfortable Workspace:

There has been a change in how offices are run now. With comfortable workspace, having an interesting and happy atmosphere that gives the employees a great kick-start to their day and provides a refreshing mindset in order to work proactively, do not have a traditional setup of chairs and tables.

Foreign Investment:

Indians living outside can easily invest in property here due to their financial capability. This provides the Indian Developers a chance to gauge new investment trends in the market. It also provides a space for the investor with tremendous opportunities that can generate superior returns.

Improved Transparency in the Investment Market:

Due to improved Government initiatives, a secure environment for investors is being provided. As a result, interest from offshore equity investors, large Indian corporates in the market have seen a subsequent increase in 2018.

As one of the best commercial office space in Zirakpur, we provide you an insight into the favorable opportunities for you to invest.


Any type of property be it commercial or residential can be a good investment opportunity. But investors have to have knowledge before making a decision whether to invest in real estate or commercial estate property. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. For the ones who invest in commercial property receive more financial rewards than the residential properties.

Northview Park, providing best Commercial property in Zirakpur, has come up with certain reasons as to why a commercial property is typically more rewarding than a real-estate property.


Location of property rules! The investment in commercial property is produced in only two ways – the rent initiates and capital appreciation. The avenue produced by these two depends entirely on location. North View Park located on Ambala – Chandigarh Highway was devised keeping in mind the needs and specifications of all the buyers.

Ample Parking Space

Usually, there is always chaos when it comes to parking facilities. Parking Space is something that is always cherished by employees and businessmen. North View Park ensures ample parking space at the ground as well as at basement level so as to make sure there is enough parking space available for everyone.

Fire Protection System

One of our major priorities is to keep our employees, co-worker and all those who work safely through our advanced fire protection system. We make sure to keep all the technologies and equipment used and paper record safe.

Maximum Sunshine

A Workspace that produces fewer carbon footprints and is self-sustainable is generally preferred by people. Northview park has a workspace that uses less electricity, easy to ventilate and brings maximum sunlight.

Street Style Shopping

Commercial Sector has earned appreciation from its partners for bringing in the concept of street style shopping clients can use the location of North View to boost their brand in this area.

Rooftop Restaurant

One can get the benefit of dining while working or shopping at the same time with our rooftop restaurant. It refreshes your mood and is a pleasant experience altogether.

Northview Park, providing Affordable Retail Spaces in Mohali, has so much to offer to its potential buyers that they don’t need to have second thoughts over making such an investment. This property attractive and elegant, that it will change people’s perception of shopping.


Northview Park a commercial space established with a touch of elegance and style in the City Beautiful. Commercial property is always a smart option to invest because it is financially rewarding. Commercial spaces are a smart step considering the location where it is situated. Northview Park is strategically planned and situated at a place where people will visit and its footfall increases.

Northview Park being the best commercial offices in Tricity has so much to offer in terms of safety and style along with luxurious amenities such as rooftop restaurant, fire protection system, power backup, rainwater harvesting, Italian decor, aesthetic landscape, stair, and lift facility, ground, and basement parking facility.

People love to spend their time at a place where there are lot options to explore under one roof. From shopping to relax to dine everything is available at the same place along with close proximity to different milestones.

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity for commercial estate investment in Zirakpur is because of its accessibility to Ambala – Chandigarh NH 22. It ensures impeccable connectivity. It takes just 10 minutes to reach the international airport and railway station.
Northview Park enjoys an absolutely prime location in terms of presences of Shopping centers like Metro which is just 2 minutes away for buying all the necessary grocery and essential items.

For recreational activities and entertainment purpose, Elante is just 10 minutes away from where there is the availability of something or the other for every age group. For kids, there is a fun city where they can play and relax. There is PVR to binge on to the latest movies.
McDonald’s which is cheap, reliable and convenient as it easy to grabyour food on your way to the office or just dine in during your leisure time is just 2 minutes away.

Northview Park providing Luxurious Retail Spaces in Zirakpur is designed and developed which caters to the needs of their customers. With close proximity to different amenities and features, Northview Park offers you an experience which will change people’s perception of commercial spaces.