Northview Park a commercial space established with a touch of elegance and style in the City Beautiful. Commercial property is always a smart option to invest because it is financially rewarding. Commercial spaces are a smart step considering the location where it is situated. Northview Park is strategically planned and situated at a place where people will visit and its footfall increases.

Northview Park being the best commercial offices in Tricity has so much to offer in terms of safety and style along with luxurious amenities such as rooftop restaurant, fire protection system, power backup, rainwater harvesting, Italian decor, aesthetic landscape, stair, and lift facility, ground, and basement parking facility.

People love to spend their time at a place where there are lot options to explore under one roof. From shopping to relax to dine everything is available at the same place along with close proximity to different milestones.

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity for commercial estate investment in Zirakpur is because of its accessibility to Ambala – Chandigarh NH 22. It ensures impeccable connectivity. It takes just 10 minutes to reach the international airport and railway station.
Northview Park enjoys an absolutely prime location in terms of presences of Shopping centers like Metro which is just 2 minutes away for buying all the necessary grocery and essential items.

For recreational activities and entertainment purpose, Elante is just 10 minutes away from where there is the availability of something or the other for every age group. For kids, there is a fun city where they can play and relax. There is PVR to binge on to the latest movies.
McDonald’s which is cheap, reliable and convenient as it easy to grabyour food on your way to the office or just dine in during your leisure time is just 2 minutes away.

Northview Park providing Luxurious Retail Spaces in Zirakpur is designed and developed which caters to the needs of their customers. With close proximity to different amenities and features, Northview Park offers you an experience which will change people’s perception of commercial spaces.


Northview Park is a commercial property that is set to bring retail spaces with a touch of elegance and style. It is always rewarding to invest in commercial property. It is an establishment where retailers are able to make their brand acquaint with customers.  There are different criteria on the basis of which the customers would opt to come and visit a commercial property. One such criterion is the amenities. Amenities are one of the important things that are taken care of.  Northview Park with best commercial property in Zirakpur is established with a view to offering you so much more in terms of safety, style, and elegance.

Luxuries and Amenities that Northview Park has to offer you are:

Advanced Fire Protection System:

Fire safety is one of the crucial factors when it comes to managing a property or building. NorthView Park has an advanced fire protection system and our utmost priority is to protect the employees and people who work here. We make sure to keep the expensive technology, equipment and paper records safe through our advance fire protection system.

Natural Lights:

People always prefer a workplace that produces fewer carbon footprints and are self-sustainable our buildings use less electricity, are easier to ventilate and bring maximum sunlight.

Italian Style Decor:

Our designer enhances the space with strategic placement of furniture and lightning. Our designers always come up with intelligent and quirky ideas to make the spaces an interesting place to be.

Spacious Parking Facilities:

Northview Park has an ample space of parking at the ground as well as at basement level which is highly cherished by our employees as well as businessmen. We ensure there is enough parking available to our clients and employees.


Large, lush and aesthetic landscape makes a commercial space desirable that perfectly resonates with the need of the customers.

Other amenities like lift and stair facility, rooftop restaurants, rainwater harvesting to name a few are also available at Northview Park providing best commercial property in Chandigarh. Our aim is to develop a place where people love spending time and have a lot of options to explore under one roof.


Investors have to be knowledgeable before making a decision of investing their money in a project. There are numerous factors that must be given utmost attention. Some of the things that must be taken into consideration are; cash flow and appreciation e.t.c. Those who invest in a commercial property make a considerable amount of money as compared to those who invest in a real-estate property. A commercial property is typically more rewarding than a real-estate property.

Furthermore, the buyers must consider the location of a commercial project because the location is basically everything. An investment in a commercial property is fruitful in two ways, i.e. the amount of rent it generates and capital appreciation. Both of the two avenues that provide returns entirely depends upon the location of the property. North View Park project was designed keeping in mind the needs and specifications of all the buyers. It is located at such a prime spot (Ambala-Chandigarh Highway) that people won’t miss seeing something so visibly huge and fascinating. The developers aim to provide luxurious retail spaces in Zirakpur so that the buyers do not have second thoughts before investing.

The features and amenities of the project are itself worth considering. The showroom space, aesthetic landscapes, power back up, fire protection system, natural light, rainwater harvesting, rooftop restaurant, lift facility, and Italian décor. Everything is just perfectly incorporated in order to give all the potential buyers something worthy to invest in.

North View Park project is offering the Best Commercial in Zirakpur. They are all set to bring retail spaces with a touch of elegance and style. The idea of giving people a revolutionized shopping experience along with the benefits of shopping, relaxing and dining, all under one roof is quite enthralling. This genius project caters the needs of lacs of customers.